Buggy 4×4 Extreme Machine

Buggy 4×4 Get your very own  extreme Machine

Looking for buggy 4×4 for sale for you next great off road adventure? Well the internet is a great place for that! It’s by far the huge shopping area for 4×4 buggies and whole lot more.

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You can even possibly see such things that says “buggy 4×4 sale” yes, buggy 4×4 that are on sale! There are load of it in the internet that are usually half the price or



discounted up 10-30% Amazing right? But let’s not stop right there! This buggy 4×4 extreme does not only works great but also looks great it actually has this dominating (in a good way) huge appearance that will surely amaze not only you and the people who’d get to see it.  This dude is especially design to conquer even the roughest road ever! It can overcome high rails and obstacles with ease that ordinary vehicles will surely not be able to do! And you can definitely use it as an alternative push chair-like thing or it will serve as your stroller as you go along stroll or should I say drive along the sand beaches. Now, that’s a whole lot in one!

buggy 4×4 plans and amazing ideas

You know what is going to be exciting and challenging? It is designing and building a full tube chassis  buggy 4×4 / crawler! All you have to do is find everything you need to build your Off road buggy I’m sure with a great guide and great supplies of materials from known 4×4 buggy manufacturers and a great knowledge about this stuff then you will be good to go! Add a lot of creativity and enthusiasm you will sure to come up with an awesome outcome!

buggy 4x4 plans

buggy 4x4 plans

Or! You can go to extreme sports with it! Get that hyped experience! And amazing escapade And conquer the roughest roads, the highest terrain and the most complicated sand rails ever! It’s definitely fun and exciting! It will kick start that adrenaline rush inside you! And you will totally enjoy every minute of it and it will surely leave you breathless and wanting to you keep coming back for more!

Things you should consider in planning to build your very own buggy 4×4

Unlike go karts,quad,  and dune buggies this 4×4 buggy dude is going to beyond extremes with you, so if you are planning to make your very own version of it just make sure that you have build it with durability and you have used only the best quality materials available! You can play with its exterior! You can put unusual tires, design cool prints or make an out of the ordinary skeletons of it! Unleash the



mechanically inclined person in you and dashed off its motor and gear it up with more power that you can install! This is a great hobby that would last a lifetime so what are you waiting for? Get or should I say make you very own buggy 4×4.


  1. pragasit   |  Monday, 26 December 2011 at 12:27 pm

    How much does it cost?

    Can you send the plan to my e-mail after you recieve payment on paypal?

    Best regard

  2. Wilson Franklim   |  Wednesday, 04 January 2012 at 2:17 am

    Pls send me quotation for 4×4 off road buggy

  3. jeffrey bolin   |  Saturday, 23 June 2012 at 4:33 am

    looking at this buggy

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