Dune Buggy Kits

Important dune buggy kits for sale

Want to improve your dune buggy? Or insert your personal style in it? Then, these dune buggy kits on sale at a very reasonable price will help you do that.

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Get ready to feel like an Emperor at the sand as your engine roars for a great off-road experience! These powerful vehicles are especially designed for to reign on sand and dunes! Whether it’s a fiberglass dune buggy or 1000cc dune buggies add your personalized touch by getting a dune buggy kit that will surely improve your dune buggy driving experience! Get the latest dune buggy frame, roll cages, costume bonnets, door sill kits and a whole lot more from a trusted seller and get ready to hype up! These guys are usually taken for granted but

Dune Buggy Kit

Dune Buggy Kit

these guys actually play a huge role for having a safe and geared up dune buggy driving!
Throw away those push-chair and stroller for your kids! They don’t need them anymore! Get them a miniature version of the dune buggies with the perfect dune buggy kits! Especially your little boys! And they will surely enjoy a ride along the sand! Bring your camera with you and capture these precious moments as they start to get hooked, who knows? This might be their next great sport when they’re older!

Dune buggy kits street legal at a low price

Find the best of the best 1000cc dune buggy kits, 110 go kart, 1100cc dune buggy and 110cc dune buggy street legal offers a wide variety of different choices to choose from, no need to empty your pockets just check out their discounted products and you will sure to have cut the cost.

VW dune buggy kits for sale with great quality

VWs will surely cater your buggy needs , whether you are looking for a VW dune buggy or you want to build your own dune buggy and need to find high quality dune buggy parts,  or you just need 1 seater dune buggy, name it ! VWs are a very great choice for your dune buggy brand! It has been known for its years and years of producing high quality and durable product! So there is no need for second guessing! Plus whether you want purchase a second hand of VWs, you

Dune Buggy Kits

Dune Buggy Kits

still can be sure that you are getting the value of your money! It is totally made by trusted manufacturers! So the next time you are planning to buy dune buggies or Dune Buggy Kits! But only from the trusted Name! You will surely enjoy its quality for a long time. Try looking or shopping for these dudes online, you will surely end up with something that you really need, plus it’s going to be a totally hassle- free experience! It will be so easy for you to locate or to find a Volkswagen Dune Buggy Kits for sale that is not only in a good price but also in a high quality.


  1. Jim Haley   |  Sunday, 08 May 2011 at 10:36 pm

    how much for this kit/roller?

  2. ibrahim   |  Friday, 26 August 2011 at 12:40 am

    hii.. how much for this kit and how much for the full body frame and how much for the sand buggy ready to drive ? thanks

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